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Things in the Bathroom We Don’t Usually Clean

It is a pity sometimes that even our own bathroom at home can’t be cleaned well because we are too busy doing a lot of things like working and taking care of the kid from time to time. We should be reminded always that the bathroom is one of the places and rooms in our house where the germs and bacteria could reproduce and grow and may affect our health without noticing the symptoms at first. There are many parts of the bathroom where you need to clean and pay attention always as most of the people in the house could use it any time and the worst is that we keep coming back there when we are having a bad stomach ache or we need to take our shower. It could also be the cause of some problems in the bathroom like the water would not drain directly to the sewage because of the debris that were stuck in there and the only thing you can do is to have the septic contractors in North Port to check it.  (Water Damage Repair Madison, Ms)

Here are the things that you can check and give your bathroom a good place for everyone especially for the visitors and the different people in your house.  


Others may not care about this one especially that this one is installed about the wall or the ceiling of the room and many would not notice it because they don’t pay attention to the things in the room. If the exhaust fan is too dusty and dirty, then there is a chance for bacteria in there and it could not be good because you always turn it on once you get inside of the bathroom. It is also prone to what we called molds and other insect infestation because of the too much dirt and moist that it has there. Make sure that you would have some time to clean it or get someone to do it for you every month to avoid the accumulation of the dirt and smaller particles that could be very harmful to the lungs.  


We usually sit on the toilet bowl and it pretty annoying to use when you know that the color of the bowl is getting yellowish and the dirt is everywhere. Of course, you could always avoid this one by doing the right thing and it is your main responsibility to keep this place clean and safe for everyone.  


We tend to place some of our bathroom cleaner and stuff in the bathroom so that we can use it very fast and it is more convenient for us as well. We should know that we have to clean it from time to time as well like every week so that the bacteria there would not grow.  


The switch that we have can be the leading cause of the diseases because we use our fingers.  

Insulating Foundations and Why

Even if your home seems to be tightly sealed and well-insulated, if you have a foundation that’s not insulated properly, you will experience a large loss of heat. Foundation insulation can result in lower heating costs and may help avoid water vapor condensation problems. Poor foundation installation can make below-grade rooms really uncomfortable and can result in many problems, too much moisture, radon infiltration, and an influx of insects. Foundation insulation is especially important if you have a radiant heat system.

This article will outline the various types of insulation available.

When insulating your basement you need to make sure you avoid moisture problems. Moisture can cause mold and can result in physical damage to your interior finished walls, as well as your carpeting. Mold can seriously affect your health.

For a newly constructed home, proper placed footing drainage and waterproofing should avoid most moisture problems. For an existing home, if your basement shows signs of moisture problems, these problems should be addressed immediately.

When insulation is installed on the dirt side of a basement wall it has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages also.

On a positive note, it decreases what is called thermal bridging which cuts down on heat loss through the foundation. It also protects the foundation waterproof coating from damage when backfilling, and acts as a vessel to protect against moisture.

In extreme climates, during freeze-thaw cycles, it can also protect your home from unwanted water and reduces the possibility of condensation on basement surfaces. Some disadvantages would be that it’s expensive when installed in an existing building and it may still be vulnerable to insect infestation.

Many experts believe that the best way to keep your basement dry is to insulate the exterior of the foundation walls with a rigid insulation board and a water-proof coating under that board that covers the entire foundation, from the footing all the way up to just below where the finished grade will be.

A perimeter drainage system needs to be carefully designed and consist of perforated plastic pipe, per washed gravel, along with a good quality filter fabric especially in areas with poor soil drainage. This will help in keeping the rock free from dirt allowing the water to filter down into the perforated pipe. For an existing home, adding insulation to the interior of the foundation is probably a more cost-effective alternative. Plus, there’s a wide selection of materials available for almost every type of insulation.

If your foundation wall is masonry blocks, you can fill the cores of your blocks with high-pressured foam. This works far better than most of the other methods.

When insulating a Slab-on-grade the following ways should be done. You should insulate under the slab along with the edges of the slab, and between the footings and slab. This will reduce heat loss from both the foundation and the slab.

Remember that all exposed insulation needs to be protected from the elements in some way, whether using cement, metal, or some other kind of membrane.

For new construction insulation follow these guidelines: first comes about four inches of gravel and under-slab drainage and plumbing pipes, a layer of radiant barrier that is approved for concrete use, then one to two inches of rigid insulation, followed by two to three inches of sand, and lastly is the floor slab.

A floating floor is another alternative, which consists of – a finished wooden flooring (top), rosin paper and two layers of ½ inch plywood or OSB. Followed by a stiff foam board insulation. This will be quite easy to install and isolate the floor from the earth below.

Regardless of the method you choose, by properly insulating your foundation repair Jackson, Ms you will make sure your radiant heat system runs efficiently and effectively for years to come.

What to Know When Getting a Home Inspection

If you’re in the process of purchasing a new home, it will definitely be in your best interest to have a home inspection done. Not only will you want to have a home inspection done for your own sake, and peace of mind. But most lenders will require that you have a home inspection before they will proceed with the loan. The lending institution has just as much interest in the home as you do, so that is why they require a home inspection.

Getting a home inspection requires hiring a company to send out a home inspector to go through the home you are going to purchase. With you present, the home inspector goes through the home and thoroughly inspects to make sure nothing in is need of major repair that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Basically, a home inspector goes through a home and checks wiring, fixtures, plumbing, and the foundation of the home to make sure it is structurally sound. He will also inspect the outside of the home along with the roof to make sure there isn’t any exterior damage.

Along with the home inspection, it would also be in your best interest to inspect for wood boring insects, such as termites and beetles. A pest inspection is also required by the lender before they proceed with a loan. A pest inspection is done separately from the home inspection and is done through a different company that specializes in pest inspections. Not only are home and pest inspections required by the lending institutions, but it would be in your best interest even if they were not. They cost anywhere from $300.00 to $400.00 depending on the size of the home, and you are allowed to be present and ask questions through the entire inspection.

Imagine if you found your dream home and loved it so much that you purchased it without having the home inspection done. On the day that you and your family move in, it is the happiest day of your lives. Then, three days after you move in, you get your first rainfall while in your new house. Then, the next thing you know, you have rain coming through the ceilings upstairs. After something like this, you’ll be wishing you had the home inspected by a roofing Jackson, Ms specialist.

Trust me. Believe me, this stuff happens. So be smart, and get a home inspection. It beats paying $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 for a new roof. In addition, once you have a home inspection done, you will have peace of mind that the house is sound and in good living condition. However, should anything happen to go wrong after you move in that was covered under your home inspection, you will have the home inspection company to hold accountable for the damage, and not have to pay it out of your own pocket.

To summarize, the home inspection is very important to both you and the lending institution. You both have an interest in the property, so have the home inspection done, you will sleep a lot easier.

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What Is In A South Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

South Florida homeowner’s insurance policies can have pretty high rates. This is due to the fact that the southern part of the state is prone to severe hurricanes and storm damage. Like all kinds of insurance companies, Florida homeowner’s insurance companies don’t like to insurance homes they consider high-risk, and when they do insure those homes they normally do so with expensive premiums. Since you probably don’t want to relocate just to get a cheap homeowner’s insurance quote, you must find other ways to prevent your home from being labeled high-risk. But how can you keep your home from being labeled high-risk, if you live in a high-risk part of Florida? By safeguarding your home against the damages a hurricane or storm can cause, of course!

Start by taking a look at the structure of your home. This includes your roof, windows, doors, and even your garage. If your roof hasn’t been replaced in a while, you may want to replace it before shopping for a south Florida homeowner’s insurance policy. If your roof doesn’t really need replacing, but you want to make sure it’s wind- and storm-resistant, consider reinforcing the shingles with powerful glue such as a high-quality flooring bonding agent. Reinforce your garage door with steel, or purchase a sturdier one; the same goes for your home’s doors. When it comes to windows, you can splurge for new ones or save money by installing sturdy storm shutters.

Now take a look at your landscaping. Are there any bushes, trees, or other plants that could cause damage if hurled at your home? If so, remove them. This goes for any lawn ornaments or debris in your yard, too. Finally, take a look around the inside of your home. Large pictures, bookcases, and other types of furniture and decorations should be mounted to the floor or against the wall.

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